• Your business uses an off-the shelf software
    package, but it doesn’t do everything you need.
  • You have to modify your business practices to fit the software you are using.
  • The software you use has features that you don’t need and slow you down,
    making training more difficult.
  • Your business uses Excel spreadsheets to track some or all of its data.
  • Your business had purchased or is considering purchasing several applications
    to accomplish tasks that ideally would be done in a single application.
  • You or someone in your staff has developed an Access database to manage
    your data, but it does not meet all your needs or is unreliable.
  • You have to hire additional staff to perform business processes that could be automated.
  • The software you are using does not allow you to produce all the reports you need.
  • You have business critical questions that are not being answered by your existing software.