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A website design must exude professionalism and class and must leave a lasting impression on the mind of a person visiting it. Since face-to-face communication is not feasible on a website, it is critical to have a design.



JATES web development solutions offers its clients complete control over the administration and configuration of their business. Our efforts are concentrated on developing a web application solution that fits aptly with your process.



All great businesses have their core applications that support their efficient business processes. Most companies, however, require specialized utilities or tools to cater to their business’s unique way of operating.


Integration & ERP

Organizations looking to deploy data integration services are often frustrated or intimidated with traditional commercial solutions that cost a fortune and require wholesale reengineering of existing IT systems.



Mobile applications have quickly become one of the most effective ways to present your brand, deliver information, and even provide feature-rich tools to potentially increase the effectiveness of your employees.

Our Products


QuikCom is a mobile application designed to allow field workers to easily communicate with dispatchers or the corporate office. Workers in the field should spend their time completing their job, not fumbling with tools not designed to be quick and efficient. QuikCom was created to provide a simple, single screen for field workers to send updates out in the field – with the ability to send custom data, photos, and voice recordings quickly and easily.


QuikContact was designed for small and medium businesses to have access to industry-leading automated calling features at a fraction of the cost. QuikContact provides a powerful web interface with access to advanced features unmatched by other automated calling products on the market. JATES team of developers designed this product from the ground up, and has the capability to interface with your backend CRM so that manual uploads are no longer necessary. Furthermore, after calls have been completed, QuikContact can even update or add data into your backend CRM – without you even lifting a finger.


Thank you very much for the quick response on my problem and it is solved! I must admit that I did not have any hope to get this problem solved or expect any answer back from you, purely because I bought this product over the Internet...

I am really surprised and impressed by your professional help and response to my question.
I enjoy your product for more than 2 years now, and is greatfull to be able to continue to use it.

About us

JATES is a valued software solutions provider that assists businesses in deploying solutions that ensure long-term success and efficiencies. With over 15 years in the industry, we have proven expertise in delivering comprehensive, industry-standard solutions, solving business problems under real-world constraints and timelines.

From strategy, system integration, and deployment to ultimate knowledge transfer, our team of consultants, engineers, developers, and technicians helps companies realize a return on investment, improved productivity, and enhanced relationships with end users and customers.

Why jates

  • We listen to our clients and stay focused on their needs.
  • No two clients are the same and we are not robots. We know that you have specific needs and we are here to make sure they are met. Whether your idea is fully fleshed out or a sketch on a notepad, we work with you on the conceptualization to make sure we have got it right. This is your solution, and it’s our job to help you create it.
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